April 21, 2017

Iran demonstrates new stealth fighter, but experts still aren't convinced it can even fly

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  1. The canopy is perhaps made with the same plastic used on gum all machine globes, that nose probe is really stealthy!!! Those tiny air intakes are so cute! The parasitic drag created by the pioneering technological genius downturned winglets will certainly aid with this models super cruise ability!! How clever!! I'm praying the stealth plane has some more computing ability in order to compensate for the seemingly odd scale of the hybrid delta wing with the technical wonder of the novel downturned delta wing winglets!! Just Amazing at a glance!!! What a brilliant move to create their own technology when The Russian economy hinges on the sales of military equipment, specifically United Aircraft Building Corporation, perhaps the worlds largest military aircraft supplier and definitely the only one who would sell a military jet to Iran :). Very Funny Fluff


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