August 27, 2016

AsianDef Update

Dead Jihadists all over the place around um aqra hill in south Aleppo

Islamic State Releases Video Shows 5 Foreign Kids Executing Kurdish Captives In Raqqa

IS Releases Video Shows 4 Prisoners Executes By Old Men In Raqqa

Video Shows ISIS Militants Executes 5 Captives (4 By Beheadings & 1 By Firing) In Raqqa

Houthi Fighters Seized Saudi Spoils Of War From Qalal Al-Shabakah, Asir

August 26, 2016

AsianDef Update

Afghanistan - Taliban stoning a car because it's haram and from the Kuffar


Taliban AK-47 (and RPGs) was invented by Kuffar - Mikhail Kalashnikov

With Kuffar Gun

Stoning predator drone

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