July 21, 2017

Tibet Autonomous Region border with India, 4655 m above sea level

Taiwan intercepts Chinese H-6 bomber

China Customs drone

Myanmar Air Force Y-8 flew into icing conditions before crash

A Myanmar Air Force Y-8 transport aircraft crashed into the Andaman Sea on Jun. 7, killing all 122 people on board. The state media has now released the preliminary results of the crash investigation.

Russian UAV first flight - Russia unveils new Orion-E unmanned air system at MAKS-2017

Russian defence company Kronstadt Technologies is showing in public for the first time at MAKS-2017 its latest medium-altitude, long-endurance (MALE) Orion-E unmanned air system (UAS).

According to the company, the Orion-E is the first UAS in Russia with long-range drones, corresponding to the international classification of the MALE class. The new Russian drone looks like a U.S. MQ-1 Predator developed by General Atomics and AVIC’s Wing Loong Block 1.

According to the promo video of Orion-E, the aircraft features a slender, 8m-long fuselage, high-aspect ratio wings, and a V-tail. The drone has 16m wingspan in flight.

The aircraft is “intended” to carry a payload of 60kg, but can lift a maximum load of 200kg, according to a production information card.

Kronstadt will work with Rosonboronexport to market the Orion-E abroad, with a specific interest in sales to Southeast Asia, Latin America and Africa.

Pakistan vs Islamic State in tribal areas - Khyber Agency

Pak Army SSG Abdul Jabbar killed  during the Operation Khyber IV.

Turkish troops, heavily armed with tanks arrive in Doha, Qatar as the Gulf crisis continues

MAKS 2017 - Day 2: Russian Defense Industry's newest products

Aviation day of the Russian Navy

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